Episode 16 - Resuable Exception Handling for Services

November 13, 2010

This episode elaborates on designing reusable exception handling for SOA efforts. It elaborates on using a simple set of components for handling exceptions, capturing relevant metadata, and determining notifications.

Episode 14 - Rationale for Building Services Contract-First

November 10, 2009

Episode presents the rationale and high level steps for building services using a contract-first approach.

Episode 13 - Disadvantages of Building Services Code-First

October 22, 2009

Code first - take existing components, implementations and expose them as service capabilities. This approach has advantages but does come with significant risks from a strategic service orientation standpoint.

Episode 11 - Enterprise Data Services and Reuse

September 7, 2009

Introducing data services, how enterprise data access evolves, and challenges faced by enterprises managing data across applications. Role of data services as reusable capabilities across multiple business processes and specific benefits of data services.

Episode 10 - Model View Controller Pattern and Reuse

August 16, 2009

This episode talks about the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern and how does it help with software reuse.

Episode 9 - Facade Design Pattern and Reuse

July 24, 2009

Facade can help reduce coupling between client code and implementation classes, provide a simpler interface abstracting much of this complexity away and provide a specific, task-centric API. They reduce errors, simplify development, and make it easier to integrate.

Episode 8 - Developer Resistance to Reuse

July 5, 2009

Why do developers resist building or integrating reusable assets? This episode explorers some common reasons why.